DaveYoungKim Mural, Pasadena

I had the privilege of assisting, fine artist, DaveYoungKim, for just a mere, couple of weeks, at USC’s Pacific Asian Museum in Pasadena. He championed his design for years to get this beautiful mural produced. I helped on the last ‘wing’ with only a few birds and a bunch of stylized clouds. An honor to work for such a gracious artist.

More to explore at www.DaveYoungKim.com

From USC Pacific Asian Museum’s publicity:


DaveYoungKim (b. 1979) is a fine artist born and raised in Los Angeles. He received a BFA in Studio Art from the University of California, Davis and an MFA in Studio Art from Mills College where he worked closely with renowned painter Hung Liu. His work engages with the intangible quality of home and explores themes of nostalgia, war, conflict, and displacement. By interpolating cultural motifs into personal and larger histories of struggle, Kim explores the unifying search for belonging across disparate conditions.

Los Angeles County stands as the home to the largest Asian population among all U.S. counties, with 17% of its 10 million residents tracing their lineage to Asia. Artist DaveYoungKim’s latest mural, showcased at the USC Pacific Asia Museum, visually encapsulates the profound impact of migration from Asia and the Pacific Islands in shaping the distinctive cultural fabric of LosAngeles.

The mural portrays 41 birds in harmonious flight, each representing a sovereign Asian or Pacific Islander nation and its official national bird.The collective imagery symbolizes the universal quest for a place to belong, resonating deeply with the diverse populace of Los Angeles and commemorating the shared narrative of migration within the United States.

Kim’s creation seamlessly aligns with the USC Pacific Asia Museum’s core mission of fostering intercultural understanding to elevate a mutual humanity. Through the amplification of local voices and narratives, this mural serves as a poignant testament to the shared experiences and diverse cultural legacies within the AAPI communities of the San Gabriel Valley and affirms the museums steadfast commitment to champion them.